The latest System­ge­ne­ra­tion by ProCon X‑Ray GmbH is perfectly coordi­nated to the requi­re­ments in your dental labora­tory. Dental impres­sions and Implants can be scaned fast and precise. The results build the template for 3D Printers and milling machines.

The CT-XPRESS is equipped with a high produc­tive 65W X‑ray tube and a high-resolu­tion flat panel detector. The precision rotary table can be positioned between the tube and the detector as required for the needed magnification.


  • Labora­tory X‑ray Computed Tomography (CT)
  • 3D volume CT
  • Optimized scan-time
  • Easy operation
  • Radiation safety better than 1μSv/h
  • Mobile deployable
  • CT recon­s­truc­tion in real-time
  • Ring artefact suppression
  • Easy operation
  • Radiation safety better than 1 µSv/h
  • Desktop system