Fast and easy, CT-MICRO, the mobile micro­com­pu­ter­to­mo­graph from ProCon X‑Ray GmbH provides 3D visua­liza­tion and CT slices at any desired site of quality control. An on-line process monitor for plastics, ceramics, and organic materials.

The CT-MICRO is confi­gured with a highly produc­tive 50 W X‑ray tube and a high-resolu­tion flat panel detector. The precision rotary table can be positioned between the tube and the detector as required for the needed magnification.

With a selected 50 x 50 mm detector and pixel size of 50 μm, on-line recon­s­truc­tion of 3D details less than 25 μm are possible in less than 2 minutes. Automatic genera­tion of STL formats, makes the CT-MICRO a 3D process monitor of choice for nondes­truc­tive testing or rapid-proto­ty­ping at conti­nuous production.


  • Indus­trial X‑ray Computed Tomography (CT)
  • 3D volume CT
  • Non-destruc­tive testing (NDT) – 2D and 3D
  • Quality control indepen­dent of material
  • Defect recogni­tion (voids, cracks, …)
  • Contact­less metrology
  • CT recon­s­truc­tion in real-time
  • Easy operation
  • Radiation safety better than 1 µSv/h
  • Mobile deployable