The CT-METRO repres­ents the next member of ProCon X‑Ray´s CT product-line.

Target Appli­ca­tions
The high-power 160 kV tube and the 3k x 3k flat panel detector with high gray level dynamic, determine the wide area of applications.

Non-destruc­tive Testing 
Parts up to 300 mm Diameter and up to 400 mm height as well as Materials like
Aluminium Alloys, Plastics, Steel, Titanium, Elasto­mere, Ceramics, 2k, New Materials, can be analysed, measured, segmented. 

CAD compa­rison, as well as rapid proto­ty­ping are performed with highest geometric precision. Easy to use software performs by CLICK&MEASURE automated best fit functions in some seconds. Re-Quali­fi­ca­tion process as well as first time accep­tance for medical plastic compon­ents are main appli­ca­tions for CT-METRO.

Recon­s­truc­tion Software
The solid mecha­nical design is supported by software through automatic alignment routines the operator can start at any time.


  • Indus­trial X‑ray Computed Tomography (CT)
  • 3D volume CT
  • Non-destruc­tive testing (NDT) – 2D and 3D
  • Quality control indepen­dent of material
  • Defect recogni­tion (voids, cracks, …)
  • Contact­less metrology
  • CT recon­s­truc­tion in real-time
  • Ring artefact suppression
  • Easy operation
  • Radiation safety better than 1 µSv/h
  • Desktop system