The CT-ALPHA system meets the most stringent demands in CT X‑ray. With this Computed Tomography system, ProCon X‑ray GmbH offers the highest possible flexi­bi­lity for indivi­dual customer requirements.

This space-saving system can be equipped with different X‑ray powers, from 160kV for nanometer resolu­tion through 225 kV, 320 Watts to the highest power of
450 kV, 1500 Watts.

The variable focus-detector distance permits maximum contrast. As an option, the CT-ALPHA offers the Helix-Scan technique for longer objects as well as for the best avoidance of volume CT artefacts for optimum results in dimensional

Very large geometric magni­fi­ca­tions permit real-time recon­s­truc­tions in the submicron range. The CT-ALPHA system is ideal for non-destruc­tive testing, materials inves­ti­ga­tions and, in parti­cular, dimen­sional measu­re­ments of internal struc­tures, undercuts and free form surfaces.


  • Indus­trial X‑ray Computed Tomography (CT)
  • 3D volume CT
  • Non-destruc­tive testing (NDT) – 2D and 3D
  • Quality control indepen­dent of material
  • Defect recogni­tion (voids, cracks, …)
  • Contact­less metrology
  • CT recon­s­truc­tion in real-time
  • Ring artefact suppression
  • Helix CT
  • Easy operation
  • Radiation safety better than 1 µSv/h